Spatiality · Group Show

Gabriel, Edvard Lieber, Vicenç Viaplana, Alex Nogué, Ralph Bernabei, Jordi Puig, Enrique Brinkmann, Christian Bonnefoi, Peter Downsbrough, José Manuel Berenguer.


The group exhibition “Spatiality” deals with the various possibilities of Interpretation and Interaction with space.

Space has been a major concern in art throughout recorded history and, when considering all fields of endeavor, concerns are multiplied due to the number of ways we can define space.The exhibition coincided with the release of Outer Horizons No.2 “Faire chanter l’espace”.



01 Spatiality
02 Spatiality
03 Spatiality


Foreground piece by

Josep Manuel Berenguer



Foreground sculpture by Gabriel


Parenthesis of Light –

Drifting Syntax by

Edvard Lieber